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Category: Dinky Toys

An Introduction to Dinky Toys

In this introduction to Dinky Toys from myself Phil Silvester, I cover the history and humble beginnings of the now infamous brand, identify the difference between pre and post war models and the confusion surrounding them and l take a look at the current collectors market as we move into 2020.

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Recent Articles

Dinky Toys 40g/159 Morris Oxford

The Dinky model version of the Morris Oxford was based on the original Morris Oxford MO produced between 1948 to 1954. There were two versions of the original car, both were four seater, the saloon and the traveller estate car.

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Dinky 40A/158 Riley

First released in a trade box of 6 models in 1947, this model with seven other models, became affectionally known as the 40 series by Dinky enthusiasts. This was the first model released in this series and was renumbered in 1953-54.

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Dinky 449 – Chevrolet El Camino

The El Camino was launched with an upper turquoise body and off white side panels, with a red interior and a superb detailed silver radiator and red tail lights at the rear. It had a black gloss base plate and, throughout its production, the silver spun hubs.

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Dinky 422 30r Fordson Thames Flat Truck

The Fordson Thames Flat Truck was released by Dinky in 1951 based on the real truck produced by the Ford Motor Co through its UK production division. I have included a photo of the real truck and it is easy to see the Meccano designers eye for detail.

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Dinky 29g-281 Luxury Coach

The Luxury Coach was initially released in 1951 under the coding of ‘29g’. These were sold in trade boxes that held 6 models. As with many models, re-numbering took place in 1954 and ‘29g’ became ‘281’.

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Dinky Toys 187 VW Karmann Ghia Coupe

This model was released in two, two tone colours of red and black or green and cream. Interestingly, French Dinky also released this model initially under number '24M' and re-numbered later that year to '530' and it was produced until 1962 but only in red and black.

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Dinky Toys 182 Porsche 356a Coupe

First issued in 1958 and available until 1966, this highly attractive sports car was initially released in two colours; blue and cream with reverse wheel colours. Various colour changes took place, particularly in its later years, with several wheel colour and material adjustments.

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