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Category: Dinky Toys

Dinky Toys 187 VW Karmann Ghia Coupe

This model was released in two, two tone colours of red and black or green and cream. Interestingly, French Dinky also released this model initially under number '24M' and re-numbered later that year to '530' and it was produced until 1962 but only in red and black.

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Dinky Toys 182 Porsche 356a Coupe

First issued in 1958 and available until 1966, this highly attractive sports car was initially released in two colours; blue and cream with reverse wheel colours. Various colour changes took place, particularly in its later years, with several wheel colour and material adjustments.

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Dinky 181 Volkswagen Beetle

Similar to the real car, Dinky had a very successful long production running for a remarkable 14 years. There were several colours issued with later models having changed base plates, colours and wheels.

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Dinky 167 AC Aceca

Years after the launch of the original A.C.Aceca, Dinky launched their sports car. Initially launched in two colours red/grey and cream/brown with matching coloured wheels, these models changed in the early 60’s by altering the wheels to the silver spun type and introducing the shiny black gloss bases.

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Dinky 40F/154 Hillman Minx

The model casting changed over time, the first observation is the base plate. Type 1 had small writing with no number on the base plate. Two long horizontal lines were made with the make, name of model and who produced it within each section.

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Dinky 100 Series

Officially there wasn’t a '100 Series', but  five open top sports cars were issued both in Competition and Touring finishes in the 1950’s. They were so popular to collectors that they became known as the '100 series'.

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Dinky 40E/153 Standard Vanguard

First released in a trade box of six models in 1951, this model, together with seven others, became affectionally known as one of the '40 series' by Dinky enthusiasts. I believe it was the sixth release following the initial Riley 40a.

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