Two Tones
Rare Peppermint green with cream wheels


First released in a trade box of 6 models in 1951, this model, with seven other models, became affectionally known as the ’40 Series’ by Dinky enthusiasts. It was re-numbered in 1953-54, first given a dual numbered box showing its new allocated box no ‘154’ closely followed by the ‘154’ box in 1954.

The model itself changed very little over its manufacture which ended in 1959-60. The following observational changes have been recognised.

Casting & Baseplate

The model casting changed over time, the first observation is the base plate.

Type 1 had small writing with no number on the base plate. Two long horizontal lines were made with the make, name of model and who produced it within each section.

Type 2 base was the larger writing style with ‘154’ on the base. The pressing lost the two horizontal lines.

Each model had ‘Hillman Minx’ cast to the underside of the roof from the first to last releases.

The last releases of the two tone colours had ‘M’ tyres but I have not noted any models in having tail lights. Recently I sold a model from ‘The Italian Collection’ which had a gloss black base plate, the first I have seen.


The tyres were the black smooth type until the final releases mentioned above.

Type 4 Trade box with 5 digit code
Trade Boxes

Box Packing. Trade Boxes.

Very Rare Dark Green with burgundy wheels. Small base
3 box designs. Note the two tone box with a green spot applied

The packing of these models was provided in trade boxes of six to the shop keeper and these came in several designs.

A type 3 trade box was the first release post war and this was a yellow or cream box with printed ends not labels.  It had the model description marked ‘40F’.

I have also seen the type 4 with a five digit code. My own example is one of these. Other box types may have been used but I have seen little evidence of these to comment

Individual Box

There were four designs used.

Type 1 was a scarce dual number box. This box showed the dark green model with green wheels one side and the butterscotch model with cream wheels on the other. There was no number oval on the picture sides. On the end was a black oval with white ‘154’ and either side in smaller print ’40F’ in red. A colour spot was often applied to denote the colour inside.

Type 2 was as type one in colour models but the red dual numbering was now removed at the ends.

Type 3 box showed the butterscotch model with tan wheels and the light green model with green wheels. The numbering was the same as type 2.

Type 4 was a box designed for the last variations the two twin tone colours. Either colour Lime green and cream or Cerise Pink and blue were printed either side with the split colour spots printed at the end to denote the colour inside. In the early print offs of these boxes you will sometimes come across a two tone picture box with a green or brown spot applied. This was obviously using up old stock of single colours rather than print a further supply of boxes for the phasing out single colours.

Note; There is one interesting observation about these boxes with main reference to the type 2 and 3. The butterscotch model with tan wheels was an earlier model found on the early base and the butterscotch with cream wheels was later on the second base. On the type three box Dinky issued the early dark green model with the late butterscotch with cream wheels.

This has always left me mystified.

Surely both type 1 & 2 type boxes should have had the butterscotch with tan wheels and dark green model and the type 3 butterscotch with cream wheels, which I have only ever found with a large writing base plate. The lighter green could be used reasonably on any variation, 1, 2 or 3.


Type 1 models with the small writing base plates would have been sold from a trade box mainly, though some may have come in dual boxes. It would have been less likely to place in a later box, but will we ever really know. Issued 1947-54.

Other key points to note:

The Peppermint or lighter green model has varied shades. Also when it comes to research, it is not possible to say whether a model was on the early or later base as most auctioneers description would not cater for this.

The butterscotch colour varied enormously from deep shade to almost tan or light butterscotch. I have two examples with blue wheels and their colour is completely different. I have grouped such models together.

  • Dark green with burgundy wheels
  • Peppermint green with green wheels
  • Peppermint green with cream wheels
  • Butterscotch with dark tan wheels
  • Butterscotch with grey wheels
  • Dark green with green wheels
  • Butterscotch with green wheels
  • Butterscotch with blue wheels

Type 2 models seen with large writing base plate with ‘154’ stamped on the base and ‘Hillman Minx’ printed on the roof underside.

Issued 1954-59 these models would have been individually boxed. Shades varied both on the green models and butterscotch/tan.

  • Butterscotch body with ridge wheels
  • Peppermint green body with green ridged wheels
  • Cerise Pink & Light Blue with blue ridged wheels
  • Lime green & Cream with beige ridged wheels
Butterscotch variations
Two blue wheel variations
Shade variations in Butterscotch & Peppermint Green

Sales and Evaluation

This is not an easy model to accurately categorise.

Points to note:

The peppermint green model with green wheels is shown in one sales group irrespective of an early or later base plate.

The butterscotch model has definite shade variations from deep butterscotch to paler. They are grouped based on wheel colour not shades. A picture shows the differences.

The butterscotch with grey wheels is the only example I have seen in my own collection. It is in poor condition.

The sales totals reflect the total sales of each colour, not whether they were sold boxed or un-boxed as a ‘40F’, and in a wide range of condition from mint to play worn.

I have utilised two additional main stream sales businesses, as well as my own Diecast Gems sales and stocks, to reflect the units sold, these sales are archives of the last 8-10 years.

Sales to September 2017

The total sales recorded for this survey since September 2010 are 289 models. The distribution is as follows.

Sales of ’40F’ models:

  • 2   Dark Green & Burgundy wheels.
  • 67 Peppermint green body & wheels
  • 17 Dark green body & green wheels
  • 16 Butterscotch body & tan wheels
  • 7   Butterscotch body & green wheels
  • 6   Butterscotch body & blue wheels
  • 1   Butterscotch body & grey wheels
  • 4   Peppermint body & cream wheels

Sales of ‘156’ models:

  • 78 Butterscotch body & cream wheels
  • 41 Two tone blue & cerise with blue wheels
  • 52 Two tone lime & cream with beige wheels

A point to note in regards to two tone model sales.

  • The Lime green and cream model was also used in the 990 Transporter gift set.

This may have influenced the higher sales figures with unboxed examples.

When you see sales grouped together in this way you start to get a better idea of what is rare and common and what is popular and less popular. For example, the two tones are not particularly hard to find yet demand a high premium being popular models, but the peppermint with cream wheels is very scarce but can sell for half the price, when found.

If you are aware of any genuine variations not listed above please feel free to email me with details and pictures and I will always consider adding to the above article or follow with a blog.

Rare unlisted colour. Butterscotch with grey wheels
Group of variations excluding the late two tones

Sales to September 2017

Below is a guide to value, in my own opinion.

Type 1 small writing base. Usually sold through a trade box of 6 so loose. The below examples are boxed with a dual number box indicating colour.

Unboxed examples would be considerably below these guide lines.

  • Dark green body & burgundy wheels                    £800-£1000
  • Peppermint green body & wheels                           £175-£250
  • Dark green body & green wheels                            £400-£500
  • Butterscotch body & tan wheels                              £200-£275
  • Butterscotch body & green wheels                          £500-£600
  • Butterscotch body & blue wheels                            £500-£650
  • Butterscotch body & grey wheels                            NPGA
  • Peppermint body & cream wheels                          £350-£500

Type 2 large writing base, sold in an individual box

  • Butterscotch body & cream wheels                          £175-£230
  • Peppermint green with green wheels                       £250-£325
  • Two tone blue & cerise with blue wheels                 £450-£575
  • Two tone lime & cream with beige wheels               £400-£550


Price guide is for mint models and mint boxes for both type 1 & 2 base models.

I hope you enjoy this article, all comments are gratefully received.