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Spring Sales List 24

Over a period of time, like any sales stock outlet, there are items that, for whatever reason, don’t move. It may be unpopular, down to condition, too expensive, or it could be that there is less demand, tighter budgets, loss of interest or even in the case of collectors, the collection is too big and the wife/partner says where are you going to put the next model!

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New Just arrived.

A superb range of mainly Corgi just arrived including many rare gift sets including No25 Shell Garage, 36 Tarzan, 7 & 14 Daktari, 8 Lions of Longleat, 38 Monte Carlo, 40 Avengers Green Bentley red wheels, also 11,13,16,22 & 31.
How about the rare 277 Monkeemobile with headboard plus many others. A nice range of Military Corgi.
Also some rare South African Dinky Military.

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Summer Sales List 2023

The plan was for me this year to slow down a little and help more in the garden and so forth. However, much to my wife’s dismay three great collections have come across my bows in recent months which I could not resist. My own collecting days stopped 3 years ago when I started to sell off my own models. I am now getting just as much pleasure helping you all build your own collections and have the fun of handling many more models due to all of you! I have the best of both worlds.

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