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The plan was for me this year to slow down a little and help more in the garden and so forth. However, much to my wife’s dismay three great collections have come across my bows in recent months which I could not resist. My own collecting days stopped 3 years ago when I started to sell off my own models. I am now getting just as much pleasure helping you all build your own collections and have the fun of handling many more models due to all of you! I have the best of both worlds.

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Recent Collections

Last September, a shop stock collection from Somerset was an exciting find. With around 120 models now sold, I am putting attention to a wonderful Dinky collection from Holland. Rivaling my own past collection, I have purchased a substantial part of this Aladdin’s horde, about 250 models, with many rarities, several I have never seen before. For the Dinky enthusiast this will be a very exciting read. I hope you can add to your own cherished models. In Sales list 11 later this year I will introduce the Shropshire collection of Dinky & Corgi models. The quality across the models compares with shop stock. Superb models and boxes.


In all cases it is first come first served. If you would like more detail of a particular model, I would be pleased to provide a full condition report and any additional pictures. I do need to emphasise to respond quickly as approximately 20% of the advertised stock is sold within the first 3 weeks of distribution.

Model additional information

On my internal sales stock spreadsheets, I have an additional column which provides further information when necessary. Ex; Missing suitcase-missing box flap-blue interior-1st type box. Unfortunately, due to space, I cannot include this in the booklet so please always ask if there are any additional notes.

How to secure model/s

UK Buyers

I would first recommend you ring me; my landline is 01297 678250 or mobile 07973563476. Alternatively, you can send a text message, or email [email protected]. The model/s will be reserved for you for up to 10 days whilst I await your payment. I do not have a card machine and many clients send me a cheque or arrange a bank transfer. An invoice can be sent if you have a PayPal account. A model may also be purchased from the website using Stripe/credit card or PayPal. If a credit card is your only option do let me know as I will load the item onto the website so you can purchase it this way if it has not been already loaded. Please write a cheque to’ P Silvester’ and include a £10 postage fee. If two or more models are purchased, I will waive any postage charge and pay this cost myself. All parcels will be sent by Royal Mail 1st class, fully insured up to a value of £2500 and require a signature of receipt.

Outside of the UK

If you are outside of the UK you may pay either by bank transfer (you will need further bank details for this) or make a payment via PayPal to my account [email protected]. Stripe is also available for models through the website. If the model is in the booklet but not on the website just ask and I will arrange this for you. Free postage is not available outside of the UK. All models in the photographs are available at the time of print but may not be when this letter is posted. Happy Collecting!

Cheques please to; P Silvester
Mullins, Westhay, Hawkchurch, Axminster, Devon EX13 5XQ, UK

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