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I am Phil Silvester, a collector of Diecast toys for over 45 years. I retired in 2012 from a career in Financial services. This site has been launched to provide a new source of quality Diecast models for sale to the discerning collector.

As a child Dinky and Corgi toys were always my favourite toy, more than train sets, Scalextric, soldiers and anything else. The primrose yellow Euclid Dumper truck holds my oldest memory, but my real love was always cars. My favourite period is post war to mid-60s, but I have also developed some knowledge of pre war Dinky Diecast.

Kind Regards, Phil

45 Yrs Experience



I have been a keen collector of Dinky, Spot On and Corgi for many years. In more recent years I have purchased some European brands such as Tekno, Marklin & Solido and have occasional bought other models when I have seen a market for them such as white metal Pathfinders. I have contributed to Ramsey’s British Diecast Catalogue in past issues, completely revamping the Dinky Toy listings and values of the post war car and farm related sections, however to my frustration these sections have since been tampered with and many omissions, poor valuation assessments and errors have now occurred within these sections.

. I enjoyed a TV slot on an Inside Out programme when I was interviewed about the Diecast collecting world. I have written articles for various collecting magazines. I actively advertise monthly in Model Collector magazine.

In August 2019 I announced to a few clients I was now willing to sell any of my own vast Dinky collection and modest Corgi range. My Spot-On models were all sold the previous year. As a specialist in Dinky variations and rare colours I have always had a supply of such models for the serious enthusiast. Do please ask me regarding that missing model, you never know I may have it.

In 2020 this new website has been launched and it will replace all three existing websites. All internet traffic will automatically be channelled to this website. There is now an effective search engine and you should experience a faster delivery to any page than previously experienced.

I continue to sell models for clients and other traders like myself that can supply me with high quality models that will continue to excite the collector. Only models of the highest quality are considered for the website.

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Why set up Diecast Gems and why the name? The idea of the website is multi-purpose: To sell, buy, educate, stimulate and hopefully produce a site that other collectors will enjoy viewing regularly. Also to identify when a special model becomes available, balanced between rarity and condition, it will be flagged up as ‘A Diecast Gem’.

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We aim to bring models of the highest quality to the market on a consistent basis. 
My target market, both to buy and sell, is at the highest level both on condition and rarity.

  • I will always try to describe any model honestly and to the best of my ability. I am not looking for a quick sale but hopefully long term custom.

  • To communicate and deal with like-minded enthusiasts.

  • To create a website for other collectors and enthusiasts to enjoy and through this, to build genuine relationships where I can be of assistance in building a collection. This hobby has given me so much pleasure over the years and I hope I can add to the experience of other collectors.

  • My website, though primarily a sales site, will also provide regular articles to provide information on a model, its variations and its history.

  • Modern themes will also be included, such as Dinky Atlas and Pathfinder models, alongside obsoletes such as Dinky.

    This only leaves me to wish you pleasure with your hobby and I look forward to being of assistance.

Sale on your Behalf

Where a collector has a rare model or high quality collection, I will consider marketing these models on my website. I maybe able to offer to purchase or, alternatively, will market to sell on your behalf through a commission. Please contact me should this be of interest and helpful for you as a first step. I would stress that quality, rarity and the appropriate era will take priority. I am not in a position to market more modern Diecast such as Corgi Classics and Matchbox Whizz Wheels as this era is out of my knowledge.

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