My favourite auction experience.

After collecting for 15 years and therefore in the prime of my own collecting, Christies Auctions in London announced a series of three auctions to cover the ‘Remy Meeus’ collection. The first was held on 24 September 2001.  The second on the 19 December 2001 and finally 28 June 2002.

Though my knowledge may not account as well as others I believe Jean Vital-Remy was a Belgian stockbroker who built a vast collection of Dinky related models including Dinky, French Dinky, South African issues and the scarce but crude Indian Nicky toys.

He was a well known, character to many a trader and buyer and relished the opportunity to bid against others and more often win his desired model.

For reasons I do not know after his death his collection did not come to market for I understand around a decade later.

I still hold all three catalogues and enjoy frequently looking through the to remind me of the rare variations and models that are possible to find.

I attended the first auction and spent rather more than I should have but looking back was one of the most exciting days of my collecting experience and I do not regret it at all. On that day amongst many other rarities there were several prototypes of the 38 series and rare Pre-war examples. Some models reached more than £1000 on the day and I was desperate to get at least one of them. I purchased the above 38e Armstrong in mid green. One I was so keen to buy was the blue Alvis. I missed out-by a long way.

Many years later this same 38d Alvis model appeared in another auction house and I was able to purchase it. So, of those six or so prototypes I had two of them.

Alvis 38d

Amazing deep blue similar shade to the early Frazer Nash and with brown interior, No steering wheel but a tiny whole in dashboard. Complete with windscreen which shows effects of blue paint from the spray shop. It sits on a smooth blue base with nice tyres and axles. Base plate completely loose and not riveted. (I keep secured by an elastic band). Super condition though rough casting and minor fatigue to the back seat and behind.

£925 View item for sale here

Armstrong Siddeley 38e

Darker mid green with matching green interior. It has a silver edged windscreen. A brown dashboard with no steering wheel or hole made to receive it. Early brown pressed base plate with nice tyres and axles. Excellent plus to near mint with some nicks. Again, base loose and I secure with an elastic band.

Sadly, it is now time to part with these very rare models. Ideal for the Pre war collector and rare prototypes for a small part of the Dinky history.

£725 View item for sale here