Dinky Toys 281 Luxury Coach


Cream body with orange body stripes, cream ridged wheels and smooth tyres. Standard base. This model was first released in 1951 under its former code 29g. They were for sale through a trade box of six. In 1954 models were recoded to 281 and given their own individual box. It was issued in many colours making this a very attractive model for the variant collector. This model was never numbered on it?s base plate.

Ideal as a gap filler or for a trade box.

Fully light tested and no known touch-ins.


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Item Condition
Item Condition

Near Mint - Could include small marks or chips from mint. 
Any touch-ins are always 
clearly stated.
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Item Condition

Stunning looking model with an overall very nice appearance. There are a couple of main chips one on the back lower edge and a couple at the front down the drivers side pillar. Other than this just an occasional small mark. The wheels, tyres and base are nice and the tyres have no flats.

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