Spot-on Toys Presentation Set ‘A’


This rare set was never advertised in any of the Spot-on catalogues but was presented in the ‘Hamley’s general catalogue of 1961. It was packed with type 3 packaging.
Contents of five cars are as follows;

Spot-on Presentation Set ‘A’.

No 102 Bentley with emerald green top section and silver lower section with a red interior and a cream three pronged steering wheel. The registration plates read ‘CMO 118’.

No 108 Triumph TR3 Sports is in metallic green with a cream interior and matching three pronged steering wheel. It has complete and un-damaged windscreen and the original wooden block sits on the gear lever and protects the screen. Lovely polished spun domed wheels. The registration plates read ‘BMP 104’.

No 114 Jaguar 3.4 litre is in sea-green finish with a red interior and a cream four pronged steering wheel. There are no registration plates but probably as made.

No 118 BMW Isetta is in pale blue with a lemon interior and a black three pronged steering wheel. The registration plates read ‘LBL 100’.

No 154 Austin A40 is in all over red with a lemon interior and a black three pronged steering wheel. The registration plates read ‘SLT 105’. There is all round working suspension.

This must be one of the finest examples around of this very scarce set. A wonderful piece to own and one I will be very sad to release from my own collection.

Important Notice
If this set is to be posted outside of the UK please enquire for a fully insured postal service otherwise it will be sent signed and tracked but at buyers risk.


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Product Categories:

Item Condition
Item Condition

Very Nearly Mint - Minor imperfections.
(All items graded out of 5)

Item Condition

No 102 Bentley

Very, Near Mint. Hardly a mark. Slight stain mark along a boot seam (may polish out)and just a couple of minor additional marks. There is no front registration plate but complete at the rear.

No 108 Triumph TR3 Sports

Almost Mint. Occasional stray silver paint splash and minor marks only.

No 114 Jaguar 3.4 litre

Almost Mint. Only minor rubs down door seams from mint.

No 118 BMW Isetta

Very, Near Mint. Lovely perfect reg plates. Occasional marks otherwise mainly on lights and protruding parts. Wheel chrome has a little tarnishing.

No 154 Austin A40

Almost Mint. Lovely bright paint work with only minor marks. Complete reg plates.

Box Condition
Box Condition

Near Mint - Possible edge wear, card dulling, heavier pricing, light graffiti or signs of removed labels.
(All items graded out of 5)

Box Condition

The box both top and bottom are one of the best you will find with equally nice matching internal packing parts. There are no tears or splits to any corners and it does not take long to appreciate this set has been carefully stored away for many years. Inside there are 5 correct collectors cards in very nice complete condition.

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