Dinky Toys 108 MG Midget Competition


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Shop stock means models have never been in circulation. They have come straight from the selling supplier. There are no touch-ups unless by the factory and no repairs to model or box. It does not mean every model and box are perfect. Models, particular Dinky Toys left the factory with many imperfections. Ex; Chipping, (red and yellow paint is well known) and box rubs and crushes through storage.

Supplied from a Somerset shop owners estate in September 2022 who retained some shop stock Dinky Toys in long term storage dating from 1953-1961.

102 MG Midget is finished in red with tan interior, white racing driver, clear windscreen, red ridged wheels and black smooth tyres. It sports racing numerals ’24’.

Light tested and totally original.

Pre sold for reference purposes.


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Item Condition

Very Nearly Mint - Minor imperfections.
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Item Condition

A model with superb appearance. Minor marking to the side racing ovals. Some tiny paint blemishes but believed as it left the factory.

Fine black smooth tyres with perfect wheels and clean base plate.

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