Corgi Toys 208-A Jaguar 2.4 litre Saloon



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Item Condition
Item Condition

Mint - As made, may have a minor casting mark.
(All items graded out of 5)

Item Condition

Here is a superb casting of the Jaguar 2.4 in white with a think gloss white paint and early flat silver wheels.

So often found with a poor casting or thin paint finish this is truly a mint example.

What adds interest to this model is the unusual box numbering.

Box Condition
Box Condition

Mint - Like new, may include neat pricing.
(All items graded out of 5)

Box Condition

A bright clean example of the later blue and yellow picture box with factory label over prints to each end printed ‘208 A’

What was intended for this numbering I am not sure but I have not seen this before.

A membership leaflet is within the box.

A fully light tested model and no touch-ins.

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